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Definitely next week is going to be in episode that you're going to want to watch I confront Josh and a lot of other crazy things happen and you got another chance to win 5000 #MamaJune

Well thank you for watching the show and joining in on Twitter with me don't forget to watch Love after lockup it looks like a pretty interesting show Everyone likes a good bad boy right #MamaJune

A lot of things that we are doing a kitty pageant I think there is no way I could get playing with water glasses if someone can do it my hat's off to you #MamaJune

And I know a few people have tweeted out is that a wedding ring on Gino's finger that is a tattoo from him being married before #MamaJune

And yes pumpkin has to hold Josh's hand through everything he is very much the alpha female in the relationship and pumpkin always holds his balls in her purse LOL #MamaJune

the worst thing is about this all she's worried about him spending the honeymoon money which it should be about getting his attitude under control and being able to get back in his daughter's life but neither one of them are seeing Alana is #1 #MamaJune

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Jennifer is a selfish bitch. Fuck yo' honeymoon money. That man tryna see his daughter. #MamaJune

I love that #MamaJune is all skinny but still calls herself a fatass

She's a queen

She gotta learn how to walk to. Mama June walk is horrible.

@MamaJune_BooBoo Love #MamaJune Poo Poo needs therapy..a pagent winner? What a hotdog eating pagent? A fowl mouth bitch pageant? Shes fat a cheeseball pageant? Did she eat Pumpkin for the Halloween pageant?

@vperot @Mofochronicles #MamaJune has shit on salty bum...She's a good mom. She made the Shannon Empire to have a better life for her kids.. Go June! I love you!

#mamajune #fromnottohot this shit is all scripted today episode June made it obvious.

That poor dog, he was like Alana wait take me with you before June and Geno have sex again with me in this room #mamajune #nottohot

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